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The best and truly only way to learn the Italian language is to attend an Italian language school in Italy. Most people interested in receiving high quality Italian language instruction will seek an immersion experience early on in their program of study. You are probably looking into opportunities for study in Italy, and we would like to share our experiences with you.


Consider the Advantages of a Homestay ...

Most Italian language school experiences are classroom-only. The majority of your time "in country" would then be spent on your own. Likely, you would be residing in a hotel or apartment, or perhaps with a host family of uncertain interest in helping you with your language skills. Almost unique in Italy, La Scuola Appia Vecchia in lovely Velletri (just outside of Rome) combines intensive Italian language classroom instruction with a homestay at the residence of your instructor, Professoressa Francesca Valentini.


We are Friends of Scuola Appia Vecchia, the Italian Language School

Gardens at the Villa Borghese, Rome.

We are an association of former students of the Italian language school La Scuola Appia Vecchia. We urge you to visit the official website, your source for the most accurate and up-to-date information about the school, current course offerings, and enrollment procedures.

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