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Excursions - An Integral Part of the Educational Experience

A unigue benefit of the educational experience of La Scuola Appia Vecchia is the program of afternoon excursions. After the morning's instruction and a full midday meal, Professoressa Valentini and her husband, Joe Cerullo, serve as your guides to a variety of attractions in the Velletri-Rome area. Many of these venues are difficult, if not impossible, to access without an automobile. Your stay at La Scuola Appia Vecchia could be your best opportunity to visit these exciting places.

A Sample of Excursions

Your particular itinerary of afternoon excursions may not include all of the locations listed above, and certainly may include other equally interesting sites. Joe Cerullo and Professoressa Valentini vary the excursions to suit the interests of their students.

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